Legal Advice

According to the UK's Legal Services Act 2007, the provision of independent legal advice falls within unreserved legal activities. Therefore, it can be provided by any person, not just a court officer. However, if it is offered by a lawyer, then it is included within their regulatory reach.

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With the advent of the internet, some companies offer answers to legal questions through their web services. The internet has provided people with the power to carry out their own legal research and compile their own legal documents.

What Is Legal Advice?

This is the giving of professional opinion regarding a procedure of the law. To provide advice, a lawyer has to analyse a set of facts.

- Advice can be provided in exchange for financial compensation. Alternatively, it may be given pro bono.

- If you cannot afford a lawyer, you might be able to obtain legal help for free. There are lawyers who offer pro bono services. Free legal help can be obtained from a trade union or other membership organisations.

Advice should be distinguished from legal information. A parking meter, sign or any other form of notice can convey legal information. Printed materials also offer legal information. These do not constitute any form of advice.

Who Would Need Legal Advice?

1. Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur might require advice on a particular business issue. Business people need to be advised on the different aspects of the law.

There are many laws that govern the conduct of business. An attorney will enlighten an entrepreneur on the implications of the different laws.

2. Landlords

Landlords sometimes have to deal with rogue tenants. Before evicting a tenant, it is important to seek the right advice. With the right information, it will be possible to make an informed decision.

3. Politicians

Politicians need to consult lawyers regularly. They need to ensure that their political actions are done in compliance with the law.

4. The Average Person

The average person might need to be advised by a lawyer, a number of times in their life. Most people are not aware of their rights. As a citizen, you have rights and freedoms. If you feel like any of your rights has been breached, you should consult an attorney.

Why Would Someone Need Legal Advice?

A person might need advice so that to determine the best legal course of action. When faced with a legal issue, it is important to determine the next step to take. A solicitor will advise on the right step worth taking.

One can be advised to file a case in court. Alternatively, a lawyer can conclude that an out of court settlement is the best alternative.

When Would Someone Need Legal Advice?

There are many moments in life when advice is necessary. They include the following:

- After being a victim of a personal injury.

- After being defamed.

- When faced with a criminal case.

- When contemplating to start a business.

- When in need of immigration help.

- After being defrauded.

- After suffering loss because of breach of contract.

The Right Information Makes the Biggest Difference

When faced with a legal matter, information is power. Quality information is required. Such information can only be obtained from a reputable attorney.